Collect. Detect. Analyze.

Concentric offers a new way to mitigate risks through collection, detection, and rapid analysis. National security succeeds on the timing and quality of intelligence, and our systems optimize for both.


Tailor collection methods to find biological threats in the most effective way.

Aircraft Wastewater

Leverage Concentric’s patent-pending collection device to capture pathogens as they cross borders.

Facility-Level Wastewater

Gather samples from key locations at border crossings, as well as sensitive infrastructure and military sites.

Nasal Swab

Collect samples from travelers at key ports of entry, including border crossings and airports, to find high-risk pathogens. These anonymized samples provide high-resolution information on the travel path of a virus.


Rapidly detect a wide spectrum of biological threats.


Identify multiple pathogens in a single sample, including COVID-19, MERS, Influenza viruses, RSV, and more.

Whole Genome Sequencing

Sequence the entire genome of pathogens, and be the first to detect disease variants of interest.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Find antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from livestock, plants, or people to detect and act on the risks to industries, markets, and populations


Access comprehensive pathogen data through customized dashboards and feeds, and gain deep insights and analysis of specific threats and global trends.


ENDAR acts as a radar to determine whether 
a specific biological threat was organic, or genetically engineered.

Epidemiological Analysis

Stay informed on pathogens of highest concern, both present and predicted.

Bioinformatics Analysis

Concentric Bioinformatics analysts provide and enable customized insights on specific biological threats, to gain the deepest analysis of variants and related data.