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Why should students test? Because the entire community’s health is connected!

Testing for COVID-19 in schools does much more than identify whether students are infected. It helps manage COVID-19 risks for everyone!

August 04 2022
ESG is in our DNA

Ginkgo recently published its inaugural sustainability report detailing our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities and how care underscores everything we do.

August 02 2022
Biosecurity: An early warning system to help communities thrive

In this video, we explain our vision for biosecurity and how we can help you generate a “weather map” to help your community detect, intercept, and respond to public health threats.

July 22 2022
10 million samples and counting: Building the global immune system of the future

We are, in real time, building a shared vision and platform for biosecurity and public health that is global, caring, and community-centered to its core.

June 30 2022
Enrich your school’s COVID-19 forecast with self-reporting data

Collecting all available COVID-19 test results—no matter where they’re taken—creates a more accurate “weather map” for surges that public health leaders can use to help make more informed public health decisions. 

June 01 2022
4 ways passive monitoring can revamp the fight against COVID-19

Imagine getting a broader snapshot of community health without expanding individual testing. Passive monitoring could be just what you need.

May 18 2022
Keep you head in the game. Knowledge is power when it comes to COVID-19.
The Cooperative Dream: In-school testing keeps everyone’s head in the game

In this video, we celebrate the teams and communities across the country who show up for each other in so many ways, including by getting tested regularly for COVID-19.

April 21 2022
Here’s how organizations can use testing to make informed public health decisions

Concentric's testing program can give your community or organization the information it needs to make informed public health decisions.

March 29 2022
Helping Pennsylvania Kids Keep their Heads in the Game with In-School Testing

Check out this video on how we equip the community in the Chester Upland School District with tools to empower kids to protect themselves, their families, and their friends through routine COVID-19 testing.

March 01 2022