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Concentric and the Republic of Madagascar Announce Biosecurity Partnership

The partners plan to bolster biomonitoring capabilities across the African continent, to detect and respond to biological threats

September 26 2023
Bringing Pathogen Monitoring Capabilities to Labs Around the World

Ceres and Concentric have set up labs in the Middle East and Africa through our collaboration, offering a cutting-edge approach to biosurveillance technologies and lab enablement.

September 12 2023
Concentric is Developing Digital Biothreat Intelligence for the Bioradar of the Future

We are developing a “bioradar” system, which pairs traveler testing at airports, points of entry, and farms with pervasive digital biothreat monitoring.

August 23 2023
traveler in a train station with an arrivals board in the background
Three ways Concentric is closing biosecurity’s first mile gap

We need to revamp the detection model to focus on earlier identification. Concentric is solving biosecurity’s “first mile problem.” 

July 27 2023
Concentric and the Republic of Botswana Partner on Pathogen Monitoring Program

Concentric is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Botswana for a pathogen monitoring program at key ports of entry to identify new and emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2.

July 17 2023
a farmer walking on a street herding sheep
A conversation on the connections between human, plant, and animal health 

Concentric participated in a conversation about how biosecurity research, surveillance, and governance is crucial for the health of everyone. 

July 04 2023
Concentric partnered with the UK’s National Biosurveillance Network initiative to Develop a New Vision for Global Biosecurity

Concentric partnered with the UK's National Biosurveillance Network initiative to develop a new vision for global biosecurity.

May 22 2023
Concentric and SFO Launch New Program to Test Airplane Wastewater for COVID-19 Variants

We are working in conjunction with CDC and SFO for a pilot program to monitor wastewater samples for variants of SARS-CoV-2. Learn more!

May 15 2023
A New Age for International Biosecurity: A Discussion at #GinkgoFerment 2023

As we shift mindsets from traditional thinking about biosecurity into the post-COVID-19 age, the challenges ahead require us, along with international partners, to ask questions and propose solutions to build a roadmap for the future of biosecurity.

May 05 2023