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New investigation shows aircraft wastewater monitoring is flush with potential

SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance is in decline globally. However, for the biosecurity sector to thrive, we can’t be “flying blind” without data on how the virus is evolving.

February 23 2023
A nasal swab side-by-side with a roll of toilet paper.
Layering up for COVID-19: New research tests wastewater signals against clinical testing

We added wastewater analysis to an ongoing K-12 pooled testing program so we could compare the strength of wastewater signals to clinical tests. Here's what we found.

January 31 2023
In-airport monitoring reveals the pathogen risks that fly under the radar

The Traveler-Based Genomic Surveillance (TGS) program, which monitors for COVID-19 variants at U.S. airports, has really taken off in the press of late. Take a look at what others have to say about TGS.

January 20 2023
Will there be another pandemic in our lifetime?
Will there be another pandemic in our lifetime? Here’s what our numbers say

COVID-19 was certainly unprecedented. But does that mean we won’t see another pandemic like it again? Experts on our epidemiology team have been grappling with that question for years.

December 12 2022
Unlocking passive monitoring’s massive potential

Passive monitoring technologies hold incredible potential—but realizing that potential at a large scale requires optimizing our end-to-end program design to fit a variety of contexts and meet the needs of diverse communities. 

December 07 2022
Project Beacon’s 1 million “Stop the Spread” tests boost equitable COVID-19 testing access in Massachusetts

Project Beacon was established in Boston to bring free PCR testing sites where they are most needed.

December 01 2022
Why should students test? Because the entire community’s health is connected!

Testing for COVID-19 in schools does much more than identify whether students are infected. It helps manage COVID-19 risks for everyone!

August 04 2022
ESG is in our DNA

Ginkgo recently published its inaugural sustainability report detailing our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities and how care underscores everything we do.

August 02 2022
Biosecurity: An early warning system to help communities thrive

In this video, we explain our vision for biosecurity and how we can help you generate a “weather map” to help your community detect, intercept, and respond to public health threats.

July 22 2022