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For Air Travelers

Because travel is a part of life, and everyone’s health is connected.

XpresCheck and Concentric are collaborating with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to detect COVID-19 variants that could be introduced into the U.S. by international travelers. Find us in four international airports – JFK, EWR, ATL, and SFO.

Be on the lookout for our COVID-19 testing area when you land from select flights. We are currently in four international airports – JFK, EWR, ATL, and SFO.

“I do what I gotta do to help out and keep everybody safe.”

– Participating Traveler, interviewed by Fox5 Atlanta

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“Early detection and sequencing of new variants entering the United States are crucial to our ability to better understand the virus and assess the threat it poses to public health.”

Dr. Duncan MacCannell, Chief Science Officer for CDC’s Office of Advanced Molecular Detection (OAMD)

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In-airport test
  • What is a pooled test?

    A pooled test combines lower nasal swab samples from several people and tests them together. A pooled test shows whether anyone in the pool is infected with COVID-19, but it does not show specifically who is infected.

  • Why should I participate?
    Getting tested after your flight will help the CDC detect COVID-19 variants. Participation is completely voluntary but important in helping us combat the spread of COVID-19.