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Keep you head in the game. Knowledge is power when it comes to COVID-19.
The Cooperative Dream: In-school testing keeps everyone’s head in the game

In this video, we celebrate the teams and communities across the country who show up for each other in so many ways, including by getting tested regularly for COVID-19.

April 21 2022
Helping Pennsylvania Kids Keep their Heads in the Game with In-School Testing

Check out this video on how we equip the community in the Chester Upland School District with tools to empower kids to protect themselves, their families, and their friends through routine COVID-19 testing.

March 01 2022
Pooled Testing by Concentric: Innovating to Educate in Anderson Valley

Check out this video on how educators in the Anderson Valley Unified School District are using COVID-19 testing to help navigate the pandemic.

February 03 2022
Evidence-Based Strategies: Making Test to Stay Work

Last week, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released two reports evaluating the effectiveness of test to stay (TTS) strategies for K-12 schools in two cases. These reports affirm the continued importance of testing as a critical component of layered prevention strategies to help mitigate the…

February 03 2022
The Adventures of Planty and Gram – Issue 0

In this issue we learn about the most advanced technology on Earth: biology!

August 23 2021
News Flash: COVID Testing in Baltimore City Schools

The school system's testing program has become a model for schools nationwide

May 12 2021
Swabber Spotlight: School Liaison Lori Stone

Curious how COVID-19 testing works for elementary students? Hear about it straight from the source!

May 10 2021
Let your voice be heard!

Wondering how to bring COVID testing to your school? We can help!

May 04 2021
How to Say “Pooled Testing” in 104 Languages

Concentric offers parental consent forms in 23 languages!

May 04 2021