Testing in Action: Baltimore City Public Schools

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Our Mission: Test Every School, Every Student

We’re using pooled testing to make testing accessible for every school. Our program is seamless and easy; if a student can pick their nose, they can take this test.

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How It Works

It’s Simple. We promise.

We provide everything you need to set up and run pooled testing at your school—seamlessly and painlessly. Schools across the country are using our pooled testing. Here’s how you can too!


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We’ll send you everything you need. Test kits, training videos, onboarding materials: we’ve got it all covered.


Test Your Classrooms

Our easy, self-swab test is so simple that a kindergartener can do it. Testing an entire class takes just minutes.


Ship Your Samples

At the end of the day, send test kits back to our lab. We provide the shipping materials.


Get Back to Teaching

We’ll return results directly to your schools.

Sign up for pooled testing today by speaking with our team.

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