Everyone’s health is connected. When risks emerge, biosecurity empowers all of us to step up instead of shutting down.

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We are building a global immune system. Our end-to-end biosecurity platform provides the system and tools needed to prevent, detect, and respond to pathogens.

Design your multi-layered biosecurity program

Biology is an incredible thing-it’s changing how we approach healthcare, environmental pollution, food security, and more. Biology can be unpredictable, but biosecurity can solve for natural and engineered threats using accessible, scalable solutions. We have the tools to help avoid another massive disruption. Now is the time to implement them worldwide.

Working alongside the public and private sectors gives us unique insight into the challenges around integrating biosecurity into existing systems. We put the technology, people, supplies, and logistics in place to capture baseline data and recognize anomalies that pose a risk. Our partners use the results to tailor response plans.

Our Adaptable Approach
  • Flexible testing options 
    • Full portfolio of testing modalities: Pooled/group and individual PCR tests with laboratory analysis, individual at-home tests, and rapid antigen tests 
    • Complete control over testing frequency, including the ability to change your approach at any time
    • National lab network providing average turnaround times for results between 24 and 36 hours, depending on test type 
  • Personal service and support
    • Dedicated success teams focused on your region 
    • Trainers, couriers, and customer support specialists on-hand
    • Expansive library of communications templates for engaging your community
  • Digital platform and reporting
    • Intuitive online portal to easily administer tests and access results
    • Near real-time results
    • Essential insights to drive data-driven decision-making
    • Industry-leading security and privacy standards

Early warning systems for pathogens


Connections between people, animals, and the environment determine how viruses spread. Climate change and migration patterns are rewiring the way viruses jump from one species to another. Biosecurity can act like radar that provides early warning data in a “weather map” for biological threats.

A thriving future is possible

Creating a global immune system to prevent, detect, and respond to pathogens has the power to change everyone’s lives. Managing risks is just the start. Biosecurity is about more resilient, flourishing communities.


Samples to date


Viral samples sequenced to date


Key airports globally


Countries with active programs, pilots, or MOU’s
(plus multilateral partnerships with Africa CDC and African Risk Capacity)

Rooted in community-focused biosecurity

Like everyone, we had our world turned upside down in 2020. However, we realized we could repurpose our biotech platform to fight back against COVID-19. Our program started with fast and affordable COVID-19 testing in K-12 schools, airports, and other congregate settings.

Now we are expanding to help manage pathogens anywhere people come together—because keeping people together is what it’s been about from the start.

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