Biosecurity: An early warning system to help communities thrive

July 22 2022

In this video, we explain our vision for biosecurity and how we can help you generate a “weather map” to help your community detect, intercept, and respond to public health threats.

Our vision for biosecurity

If there’s one thing that we’ve all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that the health of everyone and everything—humans, animals, and the environment across the globe—is connected. This concept is called One Health. 

Our vision for biosecurity is to create an early warning system for public health threats. By identifying pathogens and sequencing their genomes as they emerge, we can identify new disease variants and potential surges. Pathogen detection allows us to generate a “weather map” to empower community leaders with knowledge that helps them decide how to intercept and respond to biological threats.

When we do this on a global scale, building a worldwide network of public health data, we can work together to create a global immune system so that we never have to go through another pandemic like this again.

Our biosecurity solutions

To generate this type of robust public health data at Concentric, we offer communities access to multiple, customizable end-to-end biosecurity solutions for both active testing and passive monitoring. Our goal is to help communities thrive with our accessible toolbox for community health. 

Our programs in airports, schools, and other congregate settings bring together the systems necessary to meet communities where they are with cutting-edge biosecurity technology. We are so grateful to our partners who work with us to deliver our biosecurity programs at scale.

Bring your community peace of mind and build confidence through the power of knowing. Contact us to grow your biosecurity strategy today!

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