Success Story: “People Walk Taller and Feel More Secure”

How a district with many multi-generational homes helped safeguard its community

February 12, 2021

The Case for Testing

One of the participants in our pilot program was a school district that serves about 3,500 students. The district is diverse and largely middle class, with many students living in multi-generational homes. At the time of testing, they had a hybrid learning system in place, with 40% of students and teachers coming in for in-person learning.

Since many students live in multi-generational homes, testing was a particularly important piece of puzzle. The school was also interested in testing student athletes, since many sports don’t allow for social distancing.

The Testing Process

“Having a negative test is a morale booster. People walk taller and they feel more secure,” said the superintendent. The superintendent told us that testing went even better than anticipated (“of course! But still!”) The process was so simple that not only could kindergarteners do it, they did the best of all the grades.

The district used newsletters, flyers, demo videos, and social media to make sure parents and staff were always informed. “It is a highly visible process. Everyone knows what we are doing,” said an administrator. The superintendent commented that they were particularly impressed with how responsive the Concentric team was, especially how willing we were to jump on a call at a moment’s notice.

The Big Impact

Testing boosted morale and allowed the district to continue in-person learning with confidence. The school continues to test weekly and the superintendent commented, “I cannot even imagine why anyone would not do pooled testing.”