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Easy self-swab tests starting at just $6 per student.

Testing an entire class takes just minutes with pooled testing, so students and teachers can get back to learning. If a student can pick their nose, they can take this test.

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Pooled COVID-19 testing can help keep kids in school

Why your kids’ school could stay open this winter if we ramped up COVID-19 testing

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What is pooled testing for COVID-19 and how can it help fight the virus

Pooled COVID-19 testing could help reopen schools safely

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We provide everything you need to set up and run pooled testing at your school—seamlessly and painlessly. Schools across the country are using our pooled testing. Here’s how you can too!


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We’ll send you everything you need. Test kits, training videos, onboarding materials: we’ve got it all covered.


Test Your Classroom

Our easy, self-swab test is so simple that a kindergartener can do it. Testing an entire class takes just minutes.


Ship Your Samples

At the end of the day, send test kits back to our lab. We provide the shipping materials.


Get Back to Teaching

We’ll return results directly to your school. If a result is negative, it’s unlikely anyone is infected and students continue learning uninterrupted. If the result is positive, someone in the classroom is most likely sick; you can then follow up to stop an outbreak—for just the cost of one test.

Set up pooled testing at your school today by answering a few quick questions.

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  • What type of swab is used for classroom testing?

    We use easy, self-collected lower nasal swabs. The sample is taken just a half-inch inside the nostril, which makes testing much more comfortable. To quote a sixth grader in one of our pilots, “the test was not bad at all. It just tickles.”

  • How accurate is your pooled test?

    Molecular tests are highly accurate at detecting the virus that causes COVID-19. In validation studies, our test was able to correctly identify 96% of positive tests detected by the “gold standard” PCR test using a deep nasopharyngeal swab and 100% of negatives (meaning that there were no false positives).

  • What kind of tests do you offer?

    For classroom pooling, we use a testing method that detects the genetic code of the virus. For individual testing, we offer both standard PCR and rapid tests.

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