Pooled Testing by Concentric: Innovating to Educate in Anderson Valley

February 03 2022

During the pandemic, we’ve made it our mission to empower communities with the tools they need to help keep kids in school. In this video, we spoke to educators, parents, and community members in the Anderson Valley Unified School District in Mendocino County, California. We are privileged to work with the Anderson Valley community, along with the California Department of Public Health, to help keep kids in school and COVID-19 out through our testing program

Schools provide kids a space to learn, play, and grow together. Parents and teachers have seen every day during the pandemic what extensive research has repeatedly confirmed: being in school improves learning outcomes and well-being for kids. The parents of Anderson Valley shared with us how relieved and grateful they’ve felt since their kids began participating in the testing program.

But schools are more than centers of learning—they’re also community centers. The schools in Anderson Valley are hubs for community members to socialize, play, and cheer on their favorite sports teams! The town relies on schools as a place for families to gather and feel connected to each other. 

Thousands of schools across the country have partnered with us over the past year to run routine pool testing programs. Pool testing allows educators to test the whole consenting population of a school, every week, in just about 10 minutes per class. It’s innovative, it’s efficient, and as Superintendent Louise Simson described, “It’s just a no-brainer.”

The educators in Anderson Valley use this program to gather critical knowledge that helps them to feel safer and to act more quickly to protect students from potential outbreaks. The program helps their students feel empowered to keep themselves, their families, and their community safe. We are proud to partner with this community.

If you’re interested in setting up a testing program for your school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To watch the video above with Spanish subtitles, please click here.