Helping Pennsylvania Kids Keep their Heads in the Game with In-School Testing

March 01 2022

Here at Concentric, we have the privilege to work with schools across the country as they work to help kids learn and play together safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, we visited Chester High School in Chester, Pennsylvania, together with Andre Drummond formerly of Philadelphia 76ers. In this video, we share the incredible experience of watching the Chester community come together for the opening game of basketball season. 

Andre Drummond, now a Center for the Brooklyn Nets, is no stranger to routine testing. He’s seen firsthand how it enabled the NBA and his team to get back in the game after months of not being able to play basketball. As he told the crowd at Chester’s opening game, “By taking these tests as frequently as possible, it will help your community. It will help your friends. It will help your family. It will help guide you to be able to do your everyday enjoyment, things you love to do—to be here at basketball games, to be outside with your friends and enjoy your time. So, again, take these tests very seriously and things will get better.”

We know that being able to attend school in-person improves learning outcomes. But Chester High School, like thousands of schools across the country, is more than a center of learning—it is a place where students learn to become teammates and support each other, and a hub where families gather to cheer on their community’s team. The rich opportunities that schools provide for children to play and grow together are a critical part of kids’ well-being. 

Our Program

We are proud to partner with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to offer COVID-19 testing programs across the state. We work to equip communities with tools to empower kids to protect themselves, their families, and their friends through routine COVID-19 testing. Hundreds of Pennsylvania schools have joined Chester High in enrolling in our joint statewide testing program.

Schools in Pennsylvania work with us to implement testing solutions that meet their community’s particular needs, at no cost to schools or families. They have multiple, flexible options for testing programs that help educators catch COVID-19 cases early and make informed public health interventions.

And families are involved every step of the way—no child is tested without the consent of their parent or guardian, and the test results can help families make important decisions about their health. We are grateful to the communities in Pennsylvania for all that they do to keep each other safe.

Learn More and Sign Up 

For families: If you’re interested in signing your child up for in-school testing, please reach out to your school’s principal. 

For educators: We would love to talk with you about a testing strategy for your school. To learn more and get started, get in touch!