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Wondering how to bring COVID testing to your school? We can help!

May 04, 2021

Tell you governor you want testing to hep protect your school!

We started Concentric because we know that testing every student in a school—much less every student in a state—is no easy task.

With the goal of making testing accessible for every school in the country, we used a testing strategy called pooling to dramatically reduce costs without sacrificing accuracy. Starting with just a few schools in Massachusetts, our program soon expanded to serve hundreds of schools across the country, many of which receive testing at no cost thanks to various sources of funding.

In the process, we sometimes hear from parents and teachers who want to bring testing to their schools but don’t know how, don’t know how to access funding for tests, or aren’t necessarily the ones making those decisions. If that’s you, we want to help you to advocate for your school. Check out the link below to join the growing community of schools using weekly testing to help end the pandemic!

Click here to email, tweet, or call your governor!