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Our COVID-19 testing program for schools was designed with educators to help communities stay informed.

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Early detection matters, especially now.

Schools need information from testing to be confident in policy decisions and to help mitigate outbreaks.

We support K-12 with regular, simple, affordable COVID-19 testing. We do the heavy lifting and work with you to customize test types and frequency that align with your community’s needs along with the ebbs and flows of the virus.

Case Study

Anderson Valley Unified School District

For this rural community, school is close to the heart — but COVID-19 tests can be far away. With access to weekly, in-school testing, Anderson Valley’s teachers, students, and parents can get back to gathering and growing.

There were notes on those permission slips: ‘Thank you for doing this program.’ ‘Thank you for doing this for our community.’ The parents saw, [testing] protects my kid, and I’m going to do it.

Louise Simson, Superintendent

How testing works

We work with you to figure out which testing program is right for your school, then provide the training, resources, and support needed to implement it. With our most popular program, pooled testing, sample collection generally takes no more than 15 minutes for an entire group or classroom, helping students get back to learning and extracurricular activities.


Collect samples

Our test uses short, easy-to-use swabs, not the invasive brain ticklers.


Send Us Your Samples

A pooled test combines lower nasal swab samples from several students and tests them together. We provide shipping materials to send samples to labs in our network.


Get Results

A pooled test shows whether anyone in the pool is infected with COVID-19, but it does not show specifically who is infected. Schools can use the information to decide next steps.


Return to Learning

Our quick and easy process takes just minutes to perform, allowing students and teachers to focus on learning.

Set up testing at your school today by answering a few quick questions.

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