So, how does this work, exactly?

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1. Sign Up

Enroll your schools in our service today.

An individual school, entire school district, or even a whole state can sign up for our classroom pooled testing program. (Psst! You could be eligible for government funding!)

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2. Communicate

Discuss your plan with your school community.

Build support and participation by listening, responding, and adapting to the concerns of families. You’ll need to gather consents so students can participate. Use your program to empower your school to become advocates of community wellbeing.

3. Order Supplies

Receive everything you need.

We’ll send you everything you need to run your testing program: supplies, instructions, and fun things for students too!

4. Pool Party!

But with more nose picking.

Test an entire classroom in minutes. Students and staff swab each of their nostrils four times then place their swab in a tube (the magical pooling step). You can pool up to 25 swabs in one tube.

5. Register and Ship

A bit of record keeping.

Each tube is scanned (barcode scanner on us). The number of swabs is recorded. And we give you shipping labels and boxes; everything you need to ship!

6. Receive Results

We run the tests; you get results.

Our lab network tests the pooled samples within 48 hours after receiving them. Results are shared through our secure website. Your team decides how best to share with families.

And remember: a positive pooled test result helps you stop or mitigate potential outbreaks—powerful information that enables you to act and protect your community.

7. Follow-Up Testing

Individual, diagnostic testing.

When a positive pooled test result occurs, a pod can use diagnostic tests to help confirm who is sick. The decision to do follow-up testing is up to each school. We can also provide access to these diagnostic tests and all of the necessary logistical support.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is peace of mind.

It’s tough to make informed decisions about safeguarding your community, returning to school, or continuing in-person operations. Classroom pooled testing can help. Schedule a meeting with us today to get started.

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Our Mission: Test Every School, Every Student

We’re using pooled testing to make testing accessible for every school. Our program is seamless and easy; if a student can pick their nose, they can take this test.

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