Frequently Asked Questions

School Districts

Whether you’re a superintendent, a teacher, or a parent—we’re here to help. Read below for frequently asked questions about setting up a classroom testing program in school districts.

Who We Are
  • What kinds of organizations do you work with?

    Our pooled test was developed specifically for K-12 schools. We also provide testing for colleges, corporations, senior living facilities, and more. If you have questions about whether Concentric is a good fit for your school or organization, contact us.

  • Who is Ginkgo Bioworks?

    Ginkgo Bioworks is a company that uses the most advanced technology on the planet — biology — to solve problems. Understanding how biology works allows us to do all kinds of things: provide COVID-19 tests for millions of people; clean polluted wastewater; improve vaccine manufacturing; and so much more! Concentric is our way of using what we know about biology to help communities during the pandemic.

  • What is Concentric by Ginkgo?

    Concentric by Ginkgo is a COVID-19 testing service that aims to make testing accessible for every school in America. We use a method called pooling to dramatically lower costs without sacrificing accuracy. Pooling makes it possible to test every student in America every week.