Getting Started

How to Say “Pooled Testing” in 104 Languages

Concentric offers parental consent forms in 23 languages!

May 04 2021
Calculate Your School’s Estimated Prevalence

Use your pool positivity rate to estimate your school's prevalence.

May 03 2021
Explain Like I’m Five: How Does Your COVID-19 Pooled Test Work?

I got a negative result, but… what… exactly does that mean?

March 18 2021

A running list of vocab words from our blog posts

March 17 2021
Navigating the Ins and Outs of In-School Testing

Insights from the Rockefeller Foundation’s Testing Playbook

March 17 2021
Positivity vs. Prevalence: Are You Sure You Know the Difference?

The two terms are easy to mix up, but one is far more useful for judging risk

February 01 2021
Types of Testing

The language of testing, what it means, and what each option can offer you

November 10 2020