Case Study

New Horizons at Choate uses PCR COVID-19 testing to restore residents’ peace of mind


residents and staff tested via pooled and individual PCR test modalities


participation among residents

Program snapshot

  • Residents aged 70-100
  • Flexible testing times to fit into residents’ schedules
  • Staff included a sizeable group of area high school students

Notable outcomes

  • Collection for the entire community in under 2 hours
  • Community results shared with residents and families

We’re an independent community, and we have a fair number of residents who travel frequently. Knowing summer is beginning again—there will be trips, family events, and a lot of graduations—testing has been helpful.

Sarah Lamontagne, Associate Executive Director


Solutions for confident senior living

Residents of New Horizons at Choate value their independence. The ability to head out around town and host loved ones keeps spirits high. Enjoying that freedom wasn’t quite the same with COVID-19 concerns lingering in everyone’s mind. The organization recognized that it needed a solution to monitor COVID-19 prevalence. Consistent, reliable insights could restore residents’ confidence in making the most of each day.


Ease of testing draws high participation

It was crucial that testing wasn’t too intrusive or time consuming. The community is a busy bunch, and leaders didn’t want anyone to rearrange doctor’s appointments or cancel plans to test. Instead of a regimented schedule, a testing station was set up between breakfast and lunch for residents to stop by at their leisure. Test Champions streamlined the process by assigning sample collection and data entry duties. The coordination meant residents were logged and swabbed quickly. With testing made easy, nearly every resident took part in the program.

Consistent testing has helped restore the peace of mind that was missing at the height of the pandemic…


Consistent results provide peace of mind

New Horizons management monitors results to guide community health decisions and shares updates with residents and their families in a community newsletter. Consistent testing has helped restore the peace of mind that was missing at the height of the pandemic, and the seniors feel more confident that they won’t infect others while enjoying independent living.