Case Study

Anderson Valley Unified School District brings the power of weekly testing to rural California


students and staff
received PCR pooled
and individual testing


participation per classroom

Program snapshot

  • Adapted communications for families with limited digital access
  • Network of partners delivered to AVUSD’s remote location

Notable outcomes

  • Collection finished in 5-10 minutes per class
  • Reported approximately 2-3x faster results compared to local PCR testing sites

It’s an effective use of time, it’s an effective use of science. And that’s what we should be doing in school systems. Not doing what is expected, but innovating, educating and making sure these kids aren’t losing even more time. It’s just a no-brainer.

Louise Simson, Superintendent


Limited resources call for next-level support

Anderson Valley Unified School District (AVUSD) sits in a tight-knit community in California. When the district was locked down, the valley felt empty without it. It wasn’t just the loss of in-person learning. Families missed the sports, social events, and other celebrations that brought residents together.

AVUSD leaders needed consistent testing data as they decided whether and how to restore those special connections. But the district’s remote location and small size meant resources for ongoing testing were relatively hard to come by.


Activating a testing network in the California countryside

The biggest hurdle was speed. Results from the local clinic could take up to a week, and the next closest testing site was outside of town. To create a pipeline of timely results data, Concentric established a COVID-19 testing network of healthcare professionals, courier services, and laboratories
otherwise not readily available to rural districts like AVUSD.

Connecting with families provided its own challenges. Some families lacked internet access, and English wasn’t the primary language spoken in every home. Personalized touchpoints, paper consent forms, and consistent outreach helped families realize the power of testing.

In-school COVID-19 testing provided a resource that allowed the local health clinic to focus on specialized, on-demand testing.


Results data reinvigorates Anderson Valley

As consent forms rolled in, many arrived with hand-written thank yous from grateful parents. Ultimately, participation rates ranged between 80-100% per classroom. The data allowed leaders to make targeted decisions instead of widespread quarantines and lockdowns.

In-school COVID-19 testing provided a resource that allowed the local health clinic to focus on specialized, on-demand testing. For families, the return of classroom learning, extracurriculars, and events helped reestablish AVUSD at the heart of the community.