Bringing Pathogen Monitoring Capabilities to Labs Around the World

September 12 2023

Through a partnership with Ceres Nanosciences, a global leader in developing wastewater testing methods, we are bringing pathogen monitoring capabilities to labs around the world. Pathogen monitoring and analysis capabilities, including in wastewater, are designed to help public health institutions address regional biosecurity challenges.

Under the partnership between Ceres and Concentric, labs in countries where we have biosecurity programs receive on-site training and the materials needed to implement the standardized and proven wastewater testing workflow from Ceres. Labs also receive biosecurity tools and data infrastructure to leverage automation, data analysis, bioinformatics capabilities, and other critical genomic sequencing technologies.

Ceres and Concentric have set up labs in the Middle East and Africa through this collaboration, offering a cutting-edge approach to biosurveillance technologies and lab enablement—a key part of Concentric’s global pathogen monitoring network.

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