We care about biology and people

Biology is all around us. Using it as technology can help us create a harmonious and equitable future.

Our Mission

Building confidence through biosecurity

To create a future where environmental and community health is within reach for everyone, we study how biology behaves around us and find ways to catch and contain biological threats. Our best solutions come from working closely with communities to build new technologies around their specific challenges.

Our Story

Making the unknown known

What began as a response operation to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in key community hubs – schools, senior living centers, corrections facilities, and airports – became a foundation for an adaptive infrastructure capable of informing communities of public health changes.

Our Approach

It starts with you

A people-first approach helps us bring science and community together in a meaningful way. At all stages of our programs, we prioritize individual privacy and ensure that products are used ethically, responsibly, and carefully.